Leighlynn Shine's "Closer" Release 2/14/20

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Leighlynn Shine Back On The Electric High Radio Show LIVE FEBRUARY 8th, 2020 at 9AM!

Leighlynn Shine Back On The Electric High Radio Show LIVE FEBRUARY 8th, 2020 at 9AM!

Latest News

Tour 2019 & NEW ALBUM 

It is going to a big year for some major things to happen in the music industry.   Leighlynn Shine is going to be joining the music industry among the big changes in the music industry for 2019. Leighlynn Shine will be touring and also preparing for a new albums that will be dropped this year.  Leighlynn Shine will be touring across the Southeast promoting the originals off this new album.  We will also be going to Nashville mid July to record those particular new originals with Kenny Royster from Direct Image Studio.  Some may know Emmy Award winning producer Kenny Royster from hearing his production and big hit by Luke Combs "Hurricane".  Kenny has also recorded with several major Country artist and is located in the heart of Leighlynn Shines favorite city Nashville. Please keep an eye out for our future shows and we look forward to seeing you on our tour!

Leighlynn Shine 2018 Overview  

This year we had a great year both acoustically and with our full band.  We really want to give a big thanks to our fans, music venues, bar tenders, venue managers, families, and band members.  Without you guys our music wouldn't be possible.  Leighlynn Shine has some really awesome news coming up.  We are looking forward to sharing 2019 with you and making it a special year!

Latest Track

All The Right Ways

Leighlynn Shine

"All The Right Ways" was launched as a hit single that has tracked on iHeart Radio Stations. Atlanta's Backyard Country Station 94.9 The Bull FM in particular has had it top their chart playlist due to Leighlynn Shine fan votes for its maximum duration.

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